Dealer Jim and Donna at booth #JDA at Indian River Antique Mall
We have been antique dealers with Indian River Antique Mall located at 1433 S. Babcock St. Melbourne FL since they first opened. What we love most about Indian River Antique Mall is the fact that Dealers with all levels of experience gain access to significantly reduced overhead costs, the owners utilize advanced marketing programs to help their dealers succeed. All dealers gain access to a full complement of professional retail services.
Dealer # 57
Carol at booth #57 at Indian River Antique Mall
My sister Mary and I are sharing a booth, named Twisted Sisters, at Indian River Antique Mall Melbourne S. Babcock St. Melbourne Florida. I love this business and the great people I always meet. The staff, owners Lisa and Henry Olender are knowledgeable, nice and always helpful.  I sell quality small items, such as Goebels, and Lenox, especially small animal figurines. In addition to being a dealer at the Indian River Antique Mall, I enjoy shopping here and finding Vintage and Antique treasures for myself. Come by Indian River Antique Mall and see what you find!!
Dealer #1755
Dottie and Dennis 1755 at Indian River Antique Mall
Dottie and her husband Dennis enjoy antiques and searching out treasures. This business became appealing to them as they discovered the fun they could share in the hunt for each item. Making the venture more interesting is the great people they meet along the way. Dottie says’ “The staff at Indian River Antique Mall, where we sell our merchandise, are great and treat us special. They are helpful and give good advice. They keep us up to date with Mall news and most importantly they are courteous and friendly to Customers and Dealers.” Dottie adds, “When you visit you will reflect on the past and buy something special to remember.”
Dealer #33
Pamela of Three Cardinals Booth #33 at Indian River Antique Mall
Pamela of Three Cardinals Booth #33 says, “I LOVE being one of the dealers at Indian River Antique Mall. It’s a happy community with like-minded collectors, pickers and treasure seekers who help each other, share creative ideas and proudly show off their latest finds. We all have a little something different to offer but it all mixes together perfectly under one roof…much like a family.”
Dealer 55
Mary has booth 55 at Indian River Antique Mall
Mary started treasure hunting years ago for items she wanted for herself. Mary said, "I like small items, and soon decided that this could be a small business that I would enjoy. Although my sisters and I all go our separate ways to find our treasures, my sisters enjoy the hunt as much as me.” All three sisters are now in the business of searching and selling vintage and antique items. Mary said, “I was pleased when my sister Carol joined me in sharing a booth, named Twisted Sisters, at Indian River Antique Mall. I have since added a second booth of my own, yet to be named. I love the mall, with the unique and hard to find items coming in daily. Prices vary so there is always something for everyone. I’m not only a dealer at the mall, I shop here every chance I get, and the staff is always helpful and friendly."
Dealer FM39
Gladys has booth FM39 at Indian River Antique Mall
Gladys said," I love that I can operate my own business without major overhead expense and knowing my store is managed by a professional staff whether  I am there or not. I love the staff and being part of the Indian River Antique Mall Family.
Dealer SMI
Joanne and Anne own booth SMI at Indian River Antique Mall.
Joanne said " I love getting out and meeting people and selling my repurposed items."  Anne agrees, " This gets us out of the house to go find the treasures to sell or repurpose."